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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Boot from USB Disk

Lots of people have been wondering if there is an easier way to reformat their computers without going through any hassle. If you're anything like me, you'd most probably have a CD album full of important CDs, which you'd leave at home and won’t carry with you all the time. And when you want to give your computer a full system format, you'd be searching your CDs again. Either that, or you'd most probably clear 7GB off of your C drive (assuming you gonna install Windows Vista), and mount an ISO image that consists Windows Setup files using a third party software like Daemon Tools or PowerISO and go for a non-clean format.

I used to do this before finding out an easier method. Why not use your USB instead? Just plug in your flash drive / thumb drive / pen drive / whatever you call your USB drive into your USB port, re-boot your computer and reformat your PC on the go. Better yet, keep the device as Windows Installation Drive. Whenever you feel like reformatting your system, just plug it in and reformat your computer. Easy uh? I’m going to show a step by step tutorial on how to do this. It can be done for Windows Vista or Windows 7, since it has guaranteed positive results so far. I have not tried this for Windows XP yet, so don’t come complaining to me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Windows 7 Review: Windows Vista is so Yesterday!

Pardon me for being braggadocio, but I just can’t help myself from feeling good to be using Windows 7. I have switched to Windows 7 a couple of days ago and I got to say, I’m really impressed. In this short period that I have tried Windows 7, I dare to say that Windows 7 has clearly outperformed its predecessor, Windows Vista. Instead of focusing on creating a candied-coated OS, Microsoft has done a superb job in developing an OS which has it all. They paid more attention to the necessary needs and less to the trivial ones. If cosmetics are all you expect in a new OS, then Windows 7 won’t impress you much. This is because Microsoft retained majority of the appearance features from Windows Vista. It is not surprising if an average user could not distinguish the two Windows from a momentary look. (Click Read More)

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today's quick review will be on FailBlog. Similar to EngirshFunny, this partner site of them posts images that are.. Err.. Phailed :P

Enough said, go check em out for yourself!

Image taken from

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kanyeify Your Site!

If you have seen MTV Video Music Awards 2009, you must have not missed another Kanye's notorious outburst on how Beyonce's video is better than Taylor Swift's. The event was memorable for paying its tribute to the late King of Pop, but was overshadowed with Taylor getting Kanye'd incident. I find it surprising how videos on that ugly event were quickly removed from the internet. I cant find any for now, but if I happen to see it elsewhere, I'll put it here.

Anyway, some dude decided to create a website, where you can simulate Kanye's outburst on your own. Just that instead of ranting about Beyonce's videos, Kanye would rant about how Beyonce's website is way better than a site of your choice. All you have to do is place "" in front any URL. Check out how Southern Speakers' blog got ranted by Kanye below:

Engrish Funny

It's time for our Site Review again. Since when did we start to do reviews anyway? Anyway, back when I was doing my internship, this was one of the sites that never failed to entertain me. I could spend hours reading it, on how dumb people can really be. Hahaha.. Here you go:
Image taken from

More web reviews to come.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

(Content Deleted)


This page used to have a series of pictures suggesting a possible cannibalism activity. But due to a recent change in the blog, we have decided to bring the blog to a more decent direction (recent and decent rhymes). Besides, those images were not mine. I'll be deleting all the posts that have uncredited images as well. That said, I am deleting the content of this post. Have fun.


Today, I gonna write a post about fmylife. There's nuthin ironic about it. FML

Hahaha. Aite, this is one of the sites that kept me entertained while I was doing my internship in KL. It is a blog, in which users can write a brief story about unfortunate events that had happened to them. The stories usually starts with "Today" and ends with "FML". More after the jump (click Read More).

Wat Up?

Now that the blog is back, and I have a fair amount of time for myself, its time to reconsider what this blog is really about. Sure we said it's gonna be about techy stuffs and things like that, but let us do a brief recap.

- First we blogged about how Michael died - Not techy
- Then sum Transformers collection update post - Not techy
- Then some ironic old van's post - Nuh uh
- Pentium posted about DP then - Still can't sense any
- And now just blog updates..

Erm.. Ok, like this. We gonna post about whatever stuffs that we find interesting. Emphasize on ‘we’ and ‘interesting’. That means, some of you might not feel comfortable with the things that we are gonna post here, take note. I have been receiving quite a number of interesting emails lately that I thought I’d share with everyone. So, watch out!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blog is Back

The blog has been succesfully vitalised with its brand new ripped look. It looks awesome and cool now. If this blog is a man, then he would be a fit one with 6-packs abs. Or maybe 8. Okay. Whatever.

Anyway, more things will be posted after this, stay tuned!