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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today, I gonna write a post about fmylife. There's nuthin ironic about it. FML

Hahaha. Aite, this is one of the sites that kept me entertained while I was doing my internship in KL. It is a blog, in which users can write a brief story about unfortunate events that had happened to them. The stories usually starts with "Today" and ends with "FML". More after the jump (click Read More).

According to their website, fmylife is about:

" contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone the shitty moment which ruined their day. These short stories must begin with "Today" and end with "FML". On top of being a huge release for the person telling their story, delightfully proving that "f*** ups" happen to everybody every day, also aims to be funny for everyone involved, as well as a way to share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals, bearing in mind that self deprecation and a sense of irony are essential!"

That said, I hereby unveil fmylife blog widget that will live to serve the purpose of your daily work-time-entertainment needs. Sometimes, reading something bad about others make you feels good.

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  1. I just posted my shitty moment on FML
    my boss got angry at me because my English is better than his. He accused me of trying to steal his management position, and implied that I'll be lucky if I still have a job by the end of the month.


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