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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wat Up?

Now that the blog is back, and I have a fair amount of time for myself, its time to reconsider what this blog is really about. Sure we said it's gonna be about techy stuffs and things like that, but let us do a brief recap.

- First we blogged about how Michael died - Not techy
- Then sum Transformers collection update post - Not techy
- Then some ironic old van's post - Nuh uh
- Pentium posted about DP then - Still can't sense any
- And now just blog updates..

Erm.. Ok, like this. We gonna post about whatever stuffs that we find interesting. Emphasize on ‘we’ and ‘interesting’. That means, some of you might not feel comfortable with the things that we are gonna post here, take note. I have been receiving quite a number of interesting emails lately that I thought I’d share with everyone. So, watch out!!

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