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Thursday, December 24, 2009


The other day, we decided to order from McD's. So we ordered two Fillet-O-Fish, among other things. Shortly, the delivery boy arrived. I was impressed on how he equipped himself with proper cash change. We were comparing on how Pizza Hut's boys would put on some drama on how they do not have small change and stuffs like that. But McD's impressive reputation was short lived. One of the burgers came with sand on it. When I called the store manager, he claimed that 'sometimes' they would put salt or pepper on it. Funny, this guy thinks I could not differentiate between salt and sand. Hit the jump for more pictures. Also, note that two small chunks from the top bun have been pinched out.


  1. Tats wat we call as season salt...haha...looks like sand...haha...then wat happen..wat did the manager gave u in return ?

  2. he sent over two fillet-o-fish sandwiches and some denials.. we didnt accept it of course, gonna see them in consumer court! haha..


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