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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Melaka Marina Beach

So, there is a new beach in town - Marina Beach. It used to be some private property but the government (surprisingly) was kind enough to claim and develop it for tourism. Perfect spot for dating and fishing. One can also simply relax there while enjoying the sea breeze from the Straits of Melaka.

My dad showing a fish that I caught to the camera :)


  1. Nice pictures.
    Do you know where i can get information about the Melaka Marina? I can't find nothing online.
    As well as pictures

    Best regards
    Can reply me to
    Thank you

    1. Hi PubEd,

      The Marina beach is just a 1-2km stretch seaside beside the road. It used to be a private land where people usually go for fishing (I used to be one of them). They've just reconstructed the place, making it look more recreational and accessible. I doubt you'll find any official page for it since it's just a seaside, nothing more than that. It is, however, located at the city of Melaka, close to many other attractions.


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