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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Post

This blog has been all about hamsters and transformers toys reviews lately.. Not what I envisioned for when I signed up for this.. You cant blame me though, there aint nuthin much goin on in my country lately except for some.. erm.. for lack of a better word.. fools, busy fightin for sumtin so trivial in my opinion. Maybe I should rename the blog Southern Rodents or sumtin.. Or Cannibalism in Thailand for that matter.. Speaking of boring stuffs, here's a rare scene at my place..

A hot air balloon on the Dataran Pahlawan field.. The scene came along with dozens of pathetic couples sitting on the middle of the dark field surrounded by hundreds of blood thirsty mosquitoes while pathetically watching the hot air balloon.. What makes it sadder is the fact that these couples can be found here almost all the time, with or without the balloon..

On a lighter note, here are pictures of Katie's babies. They are 6 days old now :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh congratulations on the new family members and to Katie as well! =0)

    LOL @ the hot air balloon people; that's hilairous! lol


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