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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hammy Updates!!

So, lots of things have happened since I last blogged about them. First of all, Katie gave birth, like y'all know.. But they didnt make it though, none of them did.. Then, Berry gave birth, and the next day, Julie did.. Owh, they are all Mica's not-so-desperate wives by the way.. And then, Julie's babies didnt make it as well.. But Berry, I have to give it to her.. It was unexpected, but she was the mother of the decade!!

So here they are, three new members to the family.. Known as the ABC Twins..
The one that looks like Berry is Amber. And of course there's another that looks like Berry, that is Babyface (previously knows as Baby Gaga, turned out he is a boy).. Then the brown one is, erm, the obvious, Chris Brown :P
So Amber + Babyface + Chris Brown = The ABC Twins

As for Katie, she decided to try again after a disappointing first start - only to come back meaner! She gave birth to 9 or 10 adorable pups this morning! Although Im not sure how many will make it though.. Oh, Panda is the father this time.

As for the others, Julie is living happily ever after with Mica. Redi has became a priest and he lives at the Hamster's Batu Caves in my house, and Panda is a hunk now. He has these six-pack abs and stuffs. And he is a model too. (Refer to the post below.

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