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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Digital Electronic Padlock

Hi guys.. Sorry for the lack of updates.. I've been a lil bit tied up with lots of things.. Mostly due to my Final Year Project. So here it is, Digital Electronic Padlock. This invention has been accepted for conference by the IEEE. I spent the last 1 year or so to design and implement this project. Every phase of this project has been challenging and entertaining. I had to teach myself a small portion of mechanical engineering-related-subjects to achieve completion. And I'm proud it has been completed now.

It is basically a padlock that does not require an analogue key. In return, you'd need a correct password to make the padlock unlock itself. When you enter a correct password, the padlock would unlock itself. Watch the video for a brief demonstration. Oh, did I mention that the padlock is water resistant?


  1. Gempak yoga. Finally manage to see it all in one. But still wondering wats hidden inside ur lock. How small is the electronic board inside...Will get to know is soon. :)

  2. when you see the lock you can see a top piece and a bottom piece. the top piece is mostly solid stainless steel with few slots drilled in it to aid the locking mechanism. the bottom piece is just like box, used to house the keypad, lcd, battery and PCB. yeah you gonna find out soon :)


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