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Monday, October 18, 2010

Adding an Already Added Gadget

In this quick tutorial, I will show you how to add an already added gadget. I am going to use Page Gadget as an example. As you might have guessed, if you have already added Page Gadget (and some other gadgets), you cant add it again for the second time. If for some strange reason you need the same gadget twice, this tutorial is for you.

If you already have a Page Gadget, remove it first before attempting this tutorial.

Step 1:

If you're using the old Blogger interface: Go to Dashboard - Design - Page Elements - Add a Gadget.

If you're using the new Blogger interface: Go to Dashboard - Layout - Add a Gadget

Right Click on the Plus sign next to the Pages Gadget - Copy Link Location (Using Firefox) - Close the window

Step 2:

Now, right click on your address bar - Paste - and click Enter. Then click Save. You will be back to your Page Elements and you can already see one page gadget. Do it one more time, right click on address bar - Paste - Save. Now you have two page gadgets. Position it wherever you want.



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