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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Nature Pays A Visit

What will you do when nature pays a visit, with guests like praying mantis and Attacus Atlas? Take the forsaken camera and snap the lens out of it.Unbelievably I was bewildered by this sudden visit from these critters which is rather amusingly weird. I mean I'm staying in an apartment which is basically located in a rather developed area, so this uncanny approach from nature’s guest is awesome.


Prying mantis..

I was busy with my revisions, I had this sudden urge of feeling that I was stalked. To my surprise, this Martian-like-creature was actually sunbathing under my room’s lamp. Without any hesitation I decided to 'paparazzi' it..

To my astonishment, this mantis is an amazing model! I should have paid him a free meal of other insects of course.. Sadly he flew away, with his image memories safely captured in time. I addressed it as a 'he' because adult male mantises are thinner in size compared to the female ones. And mantises are famous for their cannibalism-mating ritual, where the dude mantis will always be devoured by the opposite sex. GOSH. Seriously after my paparazzi encounter with him, I would say mantises are mesmerizing creatures. He looked directly into my eyes. At one moment I felt as though he is looking through my soul… Till then mantis dude….

Attacus Atlas… Sounds familir, I'm sure not.. Winks

Now this is what I call Attacus Atlas. It's a simple derivation of a giant moth or the atlas moth. I was frigging mesmerised by the sight of this giant beauty, that I failed to snap pics to compare the size of my hand to that of the moth. Its gargantuan people. Personally this is my second encounter, the 1st was back in a jungle in 1999. It's a rare sight to actually see this massive 25-30 cm airbus moth in a city area.

This moth is famous for its map-like wing patterns. In Hong Kong the Cantonese name for Attacus Atlas translates as "snake's head moth", referring to apical extension of the forewing, which bears a passing resemblance to a snake's head, and if u realised it's friggin furry. What i have rounded from this creatures is that, we have actually failed to realise the beauty of mother nature's creations. I'm greatly honoured in a strange way that we have still have the privilege to encounter with this miracles of life. Do check out its unique antenna.


  1. did you finish your revisions?!

    so good a post and cleverly captured. i wouldn't have bothered to budge. doesn't the furriness give your skin rashes?

    check out for beautiful photographs. the host is pretty herself. goodnight!

  2. g_pentium: I remember the 1999 sighting. "Look at that. It's a bird! No, it's a bat! No, it's a 'butterfly'!!! Primary school was fun. I bet the same one visited you again. You totally should have captured it, as in literally capturing it. Instead of capturing it in your cam :P So was the moth girl or boy?

    kitchenmorph: Here's a cool trick. You can add links to your comment by typing as such:
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  3. i thought the post was done by you. noticed the speaker only today. oh oh embarrassing!

  4. Don't be. There are like 5 writers here. Pentium is my cousin. Priya is my girlfriend. SSS is my another cousin and Suresh is my brother. These writers will post every now and then.

  5. entire brood hogging a blog. cool! right now i'm drooling over a toffee pudding which looks and reads absolutely divine...

  6. haha..kitchenmorph..ya i did finish my with a sense of doubtfulness lurking for another unexpected visitors...neah no such rashes...i actually chased it away to a scheduled area..worried get itself tangled with human presence..

  7. yoboy-wat to do..rushing tat tyme.aint gotta feeling to capture it..if those days..gosh its history in my bare

  8. YoboY: i tried adding link to my blog id in my shelfari profile page ( it didn work. why are these things so difficult? :(

    g_pentium: oh you really finished your revisions?? i could never do it in my college days...i mean finish. and taking photographs is so much easier than adding links...sigh.

  9. kitchenmorph: I dont think shelfari supports HTML tags in its description box. It simply wont interpret the HTML that we type in there. Have you seen this done before, in someone else's account perhaps?

  10. could you look up scroll down and you see a link in one of tarzan's post.

  11. kitchenmorph: This Tarzan guy seems to be a 'Librarian'. I've randomly inspected other librarians, and it seems that the links that they post will turn into hyperlinks, while the links posted by non-librarians wills stay as hypertext. Perhaps it is one of the special privileges of being a librarian there. I have no idea how you can become one. Maybe you should keep posting? Or reading?

  12. hahha. no i don't even want to try being a's hardwork plus only the elite and exxcellent earn it. i'm out of that bouche. let it be. i'm yet to try those "tweaks" you sent me. and the calligraphy. let me hunker down to the article i'm doing and finish it.


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