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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hide Certain Posts from Blogger Homepage

It took me forever to come up with this one. But judging from the length of the code I've posted here, you should be able to tell how hard it was to come up with this one. First thing first - I will be seriously pissed if you try to copy this post, I mean it.

Now, back to the actual post. It has been a popular question/request from many bloggers - how to hide some posts from appearing on Blogger homepage? And now, with the help of labelled filters, you can actually do so. In other words, by labelling your posts 'hide', you can actually hide your post from ever seeing the light of your home page. And -- you can still view the post if you click on your archive or that 'Older post' or 'Newer post' link, or by accessing the post page directly via its URL, among other ways.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Removing Border and Shadow from Blogger Signature Image

Blog reader MeliBusla, and many others, have asked me how to remove borders and shadows from Blogger's signature image. Signature image is an image that you place at the bottom of your post - often automatically. The goal is to let the signature image blend in with your post as much as possible - to create an electronic signature of yourself. But some templates define borders and shadows for all images. As a result, the signature image stands out like any other images in that post, and does not blend in. I've replied to many comments on this in one of my previous posts, but I guess it's about time to give this famous question an answer that it deserves.