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Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Update

Just came back from California a few days ago after attending Google Top Contributor Summit. And now my internet is back (yeahh). I spent one whole day just to reply Blogger related emails - imagine.

So, some blog updates:

1) I don't take questions directly any longer. But fear not, I am still attending to you guys - only the platform has changed. Previously, you could send a question directly to me via email, and I'd reply to you. Now, you need to post your question in Blogger Help Forum, and if you want my personal attention, head over to the 'Ask a Question' page in this forum, and send me the link to your question thread. I will reply to your question. Nothing has changed, except for how your question reaches me. I have strong reasons to change to this system.
  • First of all, many of you mis-type your email addresses. I spend lots of time creating a solution for your problem, only to find out that I'd never reach you ever again - since your email address that you leave in the contact form is wrong.
  • Some of your questions are so unique. With private emails, it was such a shame that I couldn't share the answer with anyone else.
  • Next - some of the questions that you ask are so simple. Not that I don't answer simple questions, just that it is unfair for your to wait for my looong reply for simple questions - you could get answers within minutes if you post the same question in the Help Forum.
  • Yes, other users will be able to help you as well. So there's no guarantee that I'll be attending to your question. If you want me to specifically answer your question in the Help Forum, just leave a foot-note at the end of your question requesting me to attend to you. In any case, as long as you summit your question link to me, I will come and have a look. If you're already attended by someone else and if the discussion is on the right track, I might not interfere.

2) Right now I still have few things in my hands to take care of. But I'm seeing good days ahead, so new Blogger tutorial posts will be up in a couple of days - or sooner. Just publishing this post to let you guys know that I am still alive.

Keep blogging, and as always, if you have any problem, feel free to seek for my assistance. I'll be happy to help. Here's a picture of Android 2.3 figurine - Gingerbread, from Googleplex. Cheers and God bless.


  1. this is my hands down favorite blogger tips and guides blog! you post so many amazing tutorials that make my blog stand out from the rest. amazing new theme, and cant wait for future guides! keep posting! thanks!

  2. @Anon: That's nice to hear. Thanks Anon!


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