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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Google Top Contributor Summit 2011 Day 1

Finally, internet connection!! Some pictures from the Google TC Summit 2011, California.

From left: TC MOP TC Katney, Blogger Community Manager Lisa Ding, TC AiresofWar
From left: TC Enviroman, TC Nitecruzr, TC MOP, TC Katney
From left: TC Chavez (Checkout Forum), TC Gill (Docs Forum), TC Martins, TC Enviroman
TC Yoboy


  1. Hey Yoboy, I wondered if you were going - nice to put some faces to the names too.

    Lunch looks fab.

    Hope you have a great time :)

  2. @DCG: This is the first comment that I've published in weeks. There are like 7 of us here in the summit, from Blogger team. Blogger Community Manager, Lisa, is here as well. Brett will join us later or tomorrow, hopefully.

  3. Hey, wish I could be there. Have fun :)

  4. Greenlava: Lisa and Peter were talking about you. Why aren't you here? Everyone thought you were gonna come.

  5. I was denied a very very disappointed :(

  6. @Greenlava: That's awful. You are one of the most deserving TCs to actually be here. Hopefully they will do it again some time soon, we all can gather again then.

  7. ^that sucks.

    Btw Yoboy I have a page on my blog with advice for newbies - I have posted a link there to this blog as you have been so helpful to me. I wanted to ask if you minded, I know we all want readers but I am also aware of the 'introvert alert'.
    Maybe take a look at the page...if you don't want your link there then comment (I mod so wont publish). Cheers :)

  8. @DCG: I don't mind. I like to help people - as long as they don't come knocking on my door. That'll freak me out.


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