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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Place Blogger 'Load More' link above Comment Form

If you have more than 200 comments in any given post, only the first 200 comments will be visible. To see the rest of the comments, you need to click on a link that says 'Load More' (see picture above). Here's the problem. This link is poorly positioned, that it can easily go unnoticed - giving the impression that the 200th comment is the last comment in your post. In this tutorial, I'll show you how you can place the link right under your last comment, making it relatively obvious. A big shoutout to my buddy Nitecruzr for helping me out.

Step 1

Go to Dashboard --> Template --> Backup/Restore --> Download Full Template --> Close --> Edit HTML --> Proceed --> Find for </body> --> Paste the following code directly above </body>
<!-- loadmore before comment form starts -->
<script src=''/>
jQuery('#bc_0_200T_box').before(jQuery('#bc_0_200L, .sspr'));
<!-- loadmore before comment form ends -->
The code in place:

Step 2

Go to Dashboard --> Template --> Customize --> Advanced --> Add CSS --> paste the following code --> Press enter after the last character of the last line } --> Apply to Blog.
.comments .comments-content .loadmore{
margin-top: 0px !important;


  1. Hi Yogaratnam,
    I manage a blog with a Dynamic Views template and the link "Load More" has disappeared, so I can display no more than 50 comments.
    It looks like that all blog with this kind of layout have the same problem, and it's pretty impossible to have some feedback from Google.
    Do you know anything about this?

    1. I haven't got a clue. But I do have direct contact with Google people. Can you do me a favour? Head over to Blogger Help Forum, and start a new question about this. I'll bring this issue to Googlers once you've created the new thread. I'll need the link of your discussion thread, so once you've created it, give me a nudge here in comments.

  2. I created this thread some time ago, but I had no feedback.

  3. That will do. I will update you in the forum if a Googler replies.

  4. Hey Yoboy. In dynamic views, the load more is also under the comments box. I don't suppose there is anyway of moving it? (since we can't edit html)

    1. You're spot on. Bummer isn't it? I bet I could 'pull' it up using some CSS, but I wouldnt go for it. You've seen what could go wrong when you change the dynamic nature of DVs..

    2. Real bummer... I only noticed it when changing comment area backgrounds... scrolled that little further than normal.

      The worst part is, the Load More is even below the ads for the page. Talk about invisible to the average reader

  5. When I click on Load More link then it show "loading" only...
    It does not load any comments later..
    What to do ?

    1. Hi JigVishu,

      Try this.
      1) Backup your template by going to Dashboard - Template - Backup/Restore - Download Full Template.
      2) Reset your template by going to Dashboard - Template - Edit HTML - Proceed - Revert Widget Templates to default.

      If it still doesnt work, start a discussion in Blogger Help Forum, and gimme the link of the discussion that you start.

  6. Thanks

  7. It's possible to remove the limit of 200 displayed comments and display all at once?

    1. I wish there is an easy way to do so - but sadly, there isn't :(

  8. Hey, this is not related to the topic, but the comments do not load at all on my blog posts which have more than 50 comments - see for example.

    Any help???


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