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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Comment Form Above Comment Contents in Blogger Threaded Comment System

I've done this before. Unfortunately, my old tutorial won't work anymore with Blogger's new comment system. Thus the reason why you're seeing this tutorial. So, comment forms are placed at the end of actual comment contents, right at the very bottom of your individual post pages. It does look alright when you don't have much comments in a given post. But personally, I think it is a royal pain in the derriere to scroll all the way towards the bottom, especially when you have lots and lots of comments in your post page. And honestly, I think it might be a little more encouraging to place the comment form right at the top, so that your readers will see it first before having to actually go through all the previously left comments.

This tweak will bring your comment form towards the top of your comment contents, right below the end of your post. I'm referring to the generic comment form of course. The placing of individual reply comment form will not be changed (the comment form that you'll see when you click on the 'reply' link on an individual comment)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Changing Specific Link Color in Blogger Templates

Links are usually underlined (upon hovering) and shown in different text color, so that they are easily distinguishable from plain text. However, the Template Designer tool doesn't allow you to change specific link colors. In other words, the link color that you choose will be applied globally, to all the links in your blog. There are users who'd like some links to stand out from the rest, blog reader chowgypsy is one of them. In this tutorial, I've prepared a list of code to specifically change some of the common links that you might wanna apply different colors to.

Monday, October 1, 2012

'Follow by Email' Gadget Can Be Readily Added In Blogger Dynamic Views

We've had the ability to add gadgets to Dynamic View for over 6 months now, but only a number of gadgets are currently supported. These supported gadgets are typically marked with a red tag (that says 'Available for Dynamic Views') when you view the list of gadgets in your Layout tab. Oddly, the 'Follow by Email' gadget isn't one of the marked gadgets, although it can be readily added to your Dynamic View templates. There is no sorcery as to how one could add this gadget - you add it like how you'd add any other gadget.. But since the (non-)availability of this gadget is somewhat misleading, I thought I'd throw this out anyway. There's really no special steps in this post, but I'll just walk you through anyway..